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Poetry: Caldo - Colorado

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Titles: Caldo - Colorado

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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Typical western cowboys, [c1914].

"Typical western cowboys,
'talking things over', Western Canada."

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Easter greetings (poems) from the Hafens [Ann & Norma Hafen] pasted in back.

Cattle roping near Calgary, Alberta. Canadian Pacific Railway [1906].

"Cattle roping near Calgary, Alberta. Canadian Pacific Railway."

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Canadian North West roping cattle, postcard 1911

"Canadian North West roping cattle."

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3 men branding postcard, undated.

"[3 men branding] George Torew ?, Claude and Carl Holland."

Hand-tinted photograph; men identified on back, no place, no date.

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Cowboys bed room, postcard 1914

"Cowboys bed room, Western Canada."

Winnipeg, MB: Bloom Bros., [1914]. 243/A36648
The Maple Leaf Forever / C.T. Photochrom.

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Cowboys, Calgary, Alberta, postcard 1906

"Cowboys, Calgary, Alberta, on line Can. Pac. Rly. [Canadian Pacific Railway]"

Toronto, ON; Montreal, QC: Valentine and Sons, [1906]. JV/100389

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Cowboys toasting their shins,

"Cowboys toasting their shins, Western Canada."

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North Dakota Badlands, postcard 1932

"No. Dak. Badlands."

[North Dakota]: Osborn Dickinson, [1932]. 215

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Poems are divided by decade: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, etc

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Branding postcard, 1930.


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This Clark seems to be the same Donald [Douglas] Clark who was involved in a suppressed homosexual purge at Harvard University in the 1920s.

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Cowboys shooting craps, 1904.

"Cowboys shooting craps."

[Detroit, MI]: Detroit Publishing Co., 1904. 9235
By C.A. Kendrick.

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Branding calves on the open range. [1906].

"Branding calves on the open range."

Chinook, MT: Chas. E. Morris, 1906. M 303

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See "The Lost Pardner," p.76-78

We loved each other in the way men do
And never spoke about it, Al and me,
But we both knowed, and knowin' it so true
Was more than any woman's kiss could be... p.77

The range is empty now and the trails are blind,
And I don't seem but half myself today.
I wait to hear him ridin' up behind
And feel his knee rub mine the same old way.
He's dead -- and what that means no man kin tell.
Some call it "gone before."
Where? I don't know, but God! I know so well
That he ain't here no more! p.78

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Dipping cattle in the Canadian west [1900s].

"Dipping cattle in the Canadian west."

Toronto: Rumsey and Co., [1900s]. 111786
"Canadian West Series, no.3, 30 subjects."

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Branding; a cow puncher. [1906].

"Branding; a cow puncher."

Detroit: Detroit Photographic Co., 1902. 5286

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Cowboys' kitchen, [c1913].

"Cowboys' kitchen, the chuck wagon, Western Canada."

Winnipeg, MB: Bloom Bros., [c1913]. 207/A11249
The Maple Leaf Forever / C.T. Photochrom.

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  Colorado Folksong Bulletin. c1961-64

* Colorado poets: an anthology of 50 contemporaries. Edited by Henry Harrison. Foreword by Nellie Burget Miller. New York: Harrison, 1935. 160 p.

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