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Titles: Combs - Cutter

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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Cow boys at dinner, 1906.

"Cow boys at dinner.
'Chuck time'."

Germany: s.n., 1906. M-188
"Photo copyrighted 1906 by Chas. E. Morris, Chinook, Mont."

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"[Field's] dirty jokes and colorful verse served as welcome relief for pent-up sexual urges and provided a safe rebellion against the censors and preachers." p.130

Cowboy thrown from a wild bucking broncho, western Canada, 1910.

"Cowboy thrown from a wild bucking broncho, western Canada."

Winnipeg, MB: Bloom Bros., 1910. 231 / A-36633
The Maple Leaf Forever; copyright U.P.R.R.

C.T. Photochrom.

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Ranching Canadian West, 191-.

"Ranching in the Canadian West.
'A round-up camp'."

Germany: s.n., 191-.

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Ranching in the Canadian west: saddling a broncho, [c1908].

"Ranching in the Canadian west: saddling a broncho."

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Ranching Canadian West, [c1912].

"Ranching in the Canadian West.
'Group of cowboys'."

Germany: s.n., [c1912].

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Race of cowboys and Indians. [1915].

"Race of cowboys and Indians."

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A horse corral, Canadian North-west, [c1900s].

"A horse corral, Canadian North-west."

Toronto, ON: W.G. Macfarlane, [c1900s]. 1101

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Men of the Bar-U Camp, [c1906].

"Men of the Bar-U Camp".

Toronto, ON: W.G. Macfarlane, [c1906]. HA186
Same photograph as above; Canadian Souvenir Cards
On cover: Steele, Winnipeg, 59504A.

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See: "Ode to the grande prairie," and "The land of the West."

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