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Poetry: Rach-Wolski - Rusty
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Titles: Rach-Wolski - Rusty

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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Manuel of Mexico.

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Manuel of Mexico.

Manuel has a hat,
It is as big as he,
When he puts it on sometimes,
He can scarcely see.

Little boys of Mexico
Ride on burros too,
Their serape is a blanket
Which would cover most of you. [p.11]

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Mexico lindo. Male singer. Postcard, 1940s

"Mexico lindo."

[Mexico]; np, 194-.
"Water color."

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Mexico lindo. Man and woman dancing. Postcard, 1940s

"Mexico lindo."

[Mexico]; np, 194-.
"Water color."

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The highways of Mexico.  From The Monterrey Greeter, Feb. 1940.

"The highways of Mexico."

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No poetry: short stories, novels, biography, criticism.

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Mexico via Bank of America Travelers Cheques, Blotter, 1960s.

"Mexico via Bank of America Travelers Cheques."

[U.S.A.]: Bank of America, 196-.

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Argentina via Bank of America Travelers Cheques, Blotter, 1960s.

"Argentina via Bank of America Travelers Cheques."

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