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Poetry: Gaines - Gurian
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Titles: Gaines - Gurian

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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Vengeance Valley by Luke Short. Book cover, 1951.

Vengeance Valley / by Luke Short.

New York: Bantam Books, 1951, c1950, c1949. 154p. No.911


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Utah Blaine by Jim Mayo. Book cover, 1954.

Utah Blaine / by Jim Mayo.

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(Ace Double Novel Books)

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"Part of the work was done amid the pines at, and near, Flagstaff , and the remainder in southern Arizona, whence the title"-- Preface.

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Poem on rivalry between photographers and their competition.

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Riders of the Night by Eugene Cunningham. Book cover, 1947.

Riders of the Night / by Eugene Cunningham.

New York: Bantam Books, 1947, c1932. 212 p. No.113


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"Although Thorp's Songs of the Cowboys predated Lomax's publication by two years, he was neither the first to research nor the first to publish cowboy songs. Even if we exclude publication in newspapers and circulation on printed single sheets (known as broadsides), precedence goes to Clark Stanley, whose 1897 pamphlet, Life and Adventures of the American Cow-Boy, included some cowboy songs." p.107

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Covers the magazine's poetry coverage for the years 1923-1976. Included are references to J. Berg Esenwein, Catherine Stetson, Spud Johnson, S. Omar Barker, Witter Bynner, K.D. Stoes, and Fred Lambert.

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On the life of Texan fiddler Gideon Lincecum (1793-1874).

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See: Mary Austin, S.O. Barker, Witter Bynner

Danger Trail by Max Brand. Book cover, 1952.

Danger Trail / by Max Brand.

Montreal, QC: Pocket Books of Canada, 1952, c1940, c1933. 230 p. No.848 (Second printing)

Cover illustration by Stanley Borack

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Rustler of the Owlhorns by Jim O'Mara. Book cover, 1953.

Rustler of the Owlhorns / by Jim O'Mara.

Toronto, ON: Popular Library, 1953, c1952. 191 p. No.518

Cover illustration by Stanley Borack

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Avenger from Nowhere / by William E. Vance.

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(Ace Double Novel Books)

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On a trip with Vachel Lindsay to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, included are many poems, probably by Lindsay.

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Violence at Sundown by Frank O'Rourke. Book cover, 1957.

Violence at Sundown / by Frank O'Rourke.

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Slick on the Draw by Tom West. Book cover, 1958.

Slick on the Draw / by Tom West.

New York: Ace Books, 1958. 132 p. No.D-328

(Ace Double Novel Books)

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Gunsmoke Kingdom / by Paul Evan.

New York: Ace Books, 1953. 156 p. No.D-28

(Ace Double Novel Books)

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See: "The old prospector talks" p.627-628. Many poems on friendship.

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See: "The ocotilla in bloom."

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