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Poetry: J.K.- Junker
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Titles: J.K. - Junker

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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Charles Christian Nahl's painting "Sunday morning in the mines", 1872

Charles Christian Nahl's "Sunday morning in the mines," 1872.

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Detail from painting "Sunday morning in the mines", 1872

Detail from Charles Christian Nahl's "Sunday morning in the mines," 1872.

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Detail from painting "Sunday morning in the mines", 1872

Detail from Charles Christian Nahl's "Sunday morning in the mines," 1872.

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Detail from painting "Sunday morning in the mines", 1872

Harvey L. Jones's comments on Nahl's Sunday morning in the mines, (1872): "Narjot's depiction of a group of miners at leisure closely parallels the theme of the virtuous miners represented in the right half of Nahl's epic allegory of morality in the Gold Rush." p.108.

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"Hartley struggled on. He was taken up by the New York Dadas in the early '20s; he contributed poems and essays (now largely unreadable, except for his stirring defenses of Georgia O'Keeffe, Albert Ryder and the circus) to the little magazines; he visited all the art colonies from Provincetown to Taos to the south of France." p.15

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