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Songs: Van - Von Tilzer
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Titles: Van - Von Tilzer

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

* Van Alstyne. Egbert. Cheyenne (Shy Ann). Words by Harry Williams. New York: Remick Music Corp. (Jerome M. Remick and Co.), 1906. 5 p.

* Van Alstyne. Egbert. San Antonio song. Words by Harry Williams. New York: Jerome M. Remick and Co., 1907. 4 p.

* Vaughn Monroe's favorite songs: old and new successes as played and recorded by Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra. New York: Edward B. Mark's Music, 1942. 64 p. See: "A gay ranchero" p.41.

* Vernon Dalhart and Carson Robison's album of songs. New York: F.B. Haviland, [1928]. 34 p. See: "Goin' Home (Cowboy's Song).

   Vernon Dalhart's new song album. ?: Joe Davis, 1937.

* Von Tilzer, Albert. Put your arms around me honey. Words by Junie McCree, music by Albert Von Tilzer. New York: Broadway Music Corp.; London: Francis, Day and Hunter, 1937. 3 p.

"As sung by Dale Evans; John Wayne - Martha Scott 'In Old Oklahoma' based on Homson Burtis' story 'War of the wildcats."

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