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* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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- Y -

Yellow Rose of Texas, 1955

* Yellow Rose of Texas. Toronto: Canadian Music Sales, 1955. 3 p.

"King Ganam 'King of the fiddle' and his Sons of the West."

   Yodeling cowboy, Wilf Carter's, broadcasting over Columbia Network as Montana Slim, cowboy songs with yodel. Toronto: Gordon V. Thompson, nd.

* Your favorite radio star's personal selection of "memories" songs assembled in Kate Smith "Memories" song book: containing 100 world famous numbers that will live forever, also many colorful illustrations and action photographs. Compiled by Kate Smith; edited and arranged by Paul Hill; special lyrics by J. Macklyn Meskill. New York: Robbins Music Corp., c1933. 63 p. 100 songs. See: "Home on the Range", "Red River Valley".

- Z -

Redskin, 1929

* Zamecnik, J.S. Redskin: theme song of the Paramount picture "Redskin." Cleveland, OH: Sam Fox Publishing, 1929. 5 p.

"Lyric by Harry D. Kerr."
"Music by J.S. Zamecnik."

   Zeke Manners collection of most popular hill-billy songs. New York: Robbins Music Corp., c1940.

* Zeke Manner's hill billy song book: containing songs sung and played by Zeke Manners and his gang on stage, radio and records. [New York]: [Zeke Manners], 1937. 32 p. 41 songs.

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