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* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

   Yauger, Fay. Planter's charm / Fay Yauger. Dallas, TX: Kaleidograph Press, 1935.

We're here to stay, and looking for a man, postcard, 1909

"We're here to stay, and looking for a man."

Rapid City, SD: S.A. Longenecker & Co., [1909]. 8446

* Yucca land: a collection of the folklore of New Mexico. Edited by Annie Laurie Snorf and Hazel Vineyard. Illustrated by Frances A. Hunt, Peter Hurd, Elizabeth Moore and Henrietta Wyeth. Dallas, TX: American Guild Press, 1958. 224 p.

  Zander, Carl; Klusmann, Wes H. Camp songs 'n' things / Carl Zander and Wes H. Klusmann. Inglewood, CA: Zander & Klusmann, 1938.

Holding down a claim in the West, postcard

"Holding down a claim in the West."

Chinook, Mont. : Chas. E. Morris, [1911]. A 12. (Made in U.S.A.).

* Zarzyski, Paul. "Cowboy poetry." Russell's West (C.M. Russell Museum) 2(1): 8, 1994.

* Zimmerman, Peter Coats. Tennessess music: its people and places / Peter Coats Zimmerman. San Francisco: Miller Freeman Books, 1998. 295 p.

See chapters: "Old time" p.22-49 and "Country" p.109-131, as well as ten essays, especially "Appreciating Lefty [Frizzell]" by Gill Reavill, p.124-126.

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