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Titles: Pabor - Put's

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

* Pabor, W.E. Wedding bells: a Colorado idyl / W.E. Pabor. With an introduction by Stanley Wood. Denver, CO: W.E. Pabor's Sons, 1900. 144 p.

   The Pacific songbook, containing all the songs of the Pacific coast and California, by various authors such as John A. Stone (Old Put), Dr. Robinson, Jack the Grumbler, J. Swett, Mart Taylor, Johnson (comic singer). San Francisco, CA: D.E. Appleton, 1861.

   Pack, Loye. see Old time ballads and cowboy songs

Texas 1936 Centennial Central Exposition, matchbook 1936

"Texas 1936 Centennial Central Exposition."

Dallas: Texas 1936 Centennial Central Exposition; New York: Diamond Match Co., 1936. Matchbook.

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* Pastras, Phil. Dead man blues: Jelly Roll Morton way out west. Berkeley: University of California Press; Chicago: Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College, 2002, c2001. 246 p.

Describes Jelly Roll Morton's life (whose real name was Ferdinand Joseph Lemott, 1890-1941) from his early years in New Orleans to his trips around the west coast of America. See p. 16-17 on his sex life and drives.

   Patterson, Pat; Dexter, Lois. Songs of the Round Up Rangers /  Pat  Patterson and Lois Dexter. New York: George T. Worth and Co., 1933 [1932?].

Reilly’s Cafe: the best coffee in town, matchbook 1936

"Reilly’s Cafe: the best coffee in town."

Humboldt, NB: Reilly’s Cafe, 195-. Match book cover: Yosemite Falls. (Modern Press, Chicago). Matchbook.

* Paul, Lee "The lyrical yellow rose." Wild West 8 (6): 55, Apr 1996.

On the song "The yellow rose of Texas." Paul notes that the earliest version, from 1836, was signed by H.B.C. and addressed to E.A. Jones. The first published version came out in 1858 (New York, William A. Pond Co.), by J.K.

* Paullada, Stephen. Rawhide and song: a comparative study of the cattle cultures of the Argentinian Pampa and the North American Great Plains / Stephen Paullada. New York: Vantage Press, 1963. 230 p. Woodcuts by Kathleen Chesley Walker.

See: "The Songs" p.147-202, especially section II "The songs of the range" p.172-198

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* Payton, B.A. Cowboy: the legend and the legacy. Photography by Gary Fiegehen. Vancouver; Toronto: Greystone Books, 2000. 105 p.

Includes great photographs from the Twan family archives, as well as excerpts from John R. Craddock "Songs the cowboys sing." See "The old Chisholm trail" p.63.

   Peabody, Charles. "A Texas version of 'The white captive'." Journal of American Folklore. 25: 169-170, 1912.

McGraw Ranch, Estes Park, Colo,  matchbook 1950s

"The McGraw Ranch, Estes Park, Colo."

Estes Park, CO: McGraw Ranch; New York: Diamond Match Co., 195-. Matchbook.
"Real range riding."

* Pearce, T. M. (1902 -). Alice Corbin Henderson / T. M. Pearce. Austin, TX: Steck-Vaughn, 1969. 44 p. (Southwest writers series, n.21)

* Pearce, T.M. Poets' fellowship / T. M. Pearce. Francestown, NH: The Golden Quill Press, 1984. 77 p.

Inscribed to Clark Kimball; Pearce taught English at the University of New Mexico from 1941-64

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A survey of the popular Texas-Mexican music "conjunto," from the first recordings by Narciso Martinez in 1935, to Paulino Bernal in the mid-1950s.

The 4 Deuces Western Wear, matchbook 1950s

"The 4 Deuces Western Wear."

Lawton, OK: [4 Deuces Western Wear], [1942]. (Superior Match Co, Chicago). Matchbook.

* Perkins, I.B. Roses or thistles and other poems: talking to myself. / I.B.Perkins. [Denver]: I.B.Perkins, [1927]. [15 p.]

Inscribed to Dr. Nolie Mumey. See "Mount Evans" [p.6]

* Peters, Harriet S. “Rocky mountainania”, or (a tenderfoot's dictionary) / words without music by Harriet S. Peters; original cartoons by Dave Stirling; hard wood blocks by Richardson Rome. [Denver, CO: W. H. Kistler Stationery Company, c1934, 2 nd printing 1937.] [53 p.] Dj

See: "Sex -- Well, without it, no resort could flourish."

* Peterson, Ruth D. "Pairie mother." Ideals (Milwaukee). 10(5): [79], October 1953.  

* Peterson, Ruth DeLong. "Conestoga caravan." Ideals (Milwaukee). 10(5): [83], October 1953.  

* Pettigrew, Jane. American and Canadian pioneers / Jane Pettigrew. Illustrated by Linda Broad. London: Evans Brothers Ltd., 1976. 32 p. (Exploration Music series).

Includes: "Covered wagons," "The moon shines bright," "Christmas on the trail,, "Over there."

* Pexton, Jennie L. Lights of Cimarron / Jennie L. Pexton. Guthrie, OK: Co-operative Publishing Co., 1931. 135 p. Inscribed.

See: "Pikers" p.35; "The Cimarron River" p.70; "The voice of the Rockies" p.84

   Phillips, Robert W. Roy Rogers: a biography, radio history, television career chronicle, discography, filmography, comicography, merchandising and advertising history, collectibles description, bibliography and index / Robert W. Phillips. Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Co, 1995.

* Phillips, Robert W. Singing cowboy stars: the guys, the gals, the sidekicks / Robert W. Phillips. Salt Lake City, UT: Gibbs Smith, 1994. 95 p. Includes CD.

McGraw Ranch, Estes Park, Colo,  matchbook 1950s

"The McGraw Ranch, Estes Park, Colo."

Estes Park, CO: McGraw Ranch; New York: Diamond Match Co., 195-. Matchbook, reverse side.
"Real range riding."

* Pickett, Marjorie. "Fiesta song." p.39. Taos guide book, 1951-52. Taos, NM: Taos Publication, 1950. [40 p.]

   Pike, Albert. Hymns to the gods, and other poems / Albert Pike. Edited by Lilian P. Roome. Little Rock, AR; Allsopp, 1916.

   Pike, Albert. Lyrics and love songs / Albert Pike. Edited by Lilian P. Roome. Little Rock, AR; Allsopp, 1916.

   Pike, Albert. Prose sketches and poems written in the Western country / Albert Pike. Boston, MA: Light and Horton, 1834.

* Pike, Albert. Prose sketches and poems written in the Western country (with additional stories) / Albert Pike. Edited by David J. Weber. Albuquerque, NM: Calvin Horn, 1967, c1834. 300 p.

* Pillin, William. Poems / William Pillin. Prairie City, IL: James A. Decker, 1939. 51 p. Signed and with letter to Dorothy Wendland.

National Bank of Lorain, Lorain, Ohio, matchbook 1950s

"National Bank of Lorain, Lorain, Ohio."

Lorain, OH: National Bank of Lorain; Chicago: National Press, 195-. Matchbook.
"The alarm."

   Pioneer songs. Compiled by Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. Salt Lake City, UT: Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 1932.

* Piper, Edwin Ford. Barbed wire and other poems / Edwin Ford Piper. [Iowa City, IA]: Midland Press, 1917. 125 p.

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The Teepee: Hotel Cornhusker, matchbook 1940s

"The Teepee: Hotel Cornhusker."

Lincoln, NB: Hotel Cornhusker, [1962]. “Under Schimmel direction.” (Universal Match Co, Kansas City). Matchbook.

  Pocock, Roger. Curle, a tale of the Arizona desert / Roger Pocock. With illustrations from drawings by Stanley L. Wood. Boston, MA: Little, Brown, and Company, 1905. 320 p.

See poems "Lolita," "End of the trail," later set to music by Don Edwards.

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See entries for William Cullen Bryant, p.16-20; Eliza R. Snow, p.21-23; Walt Whitman, p.24-32; Bret Harte, p.36-41; Joaquin Miller, p.41-45; Ina Coolbrith, p.46-51; Edwin Markham, p.75-77; Mary Austen, p.79-81; Frank Bird Linderman, p.82; Sharlot Mabridth Hall, p.84-86; Willa Cather, p.87-92; Witter Bynner, p.93-94; John G. Neihardt, p.95-98; Charles Badger Clark Jr., p.99-100; D.H. Lawrence, p.102-104; Hazel Hall, p.104-107; Stanley Vestal, p.108-111; Robinson Jeffers, p.111-116; Gwendolen Haste, p.116-118; Thomas Hornsby Ferril, p.118-122, and the anonymous poems, such as "Cow boy's lament", p.130-137.

1942 North Montana State Fair and Rodeo, matchbook 1942

"1942 North Montana State Fair and Rodeo."

Great Falls, MO: North Montana State Fair and Rodeo; New York: Diamond Match Co., 1942. Matchbook.
"The Northwest's biggest fair and rodeo."

* Poetry renaissance: some living New Mexico poets in the collection of the Santa Fe Public Library. [Santa Fe, NM: Santa Fe Public Library, 1992]. 4 p.

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McFarland Hotel, matchbook 1940s

"McFarland Hotel: We’re not satisfied until YOU are."

Red Cloud, NB: McFarland Hotel, 194-. (Superior Match Co, Chicago). Matchbook.

* Pogue, Anna Holm. An Oregon interlude: a narrative poem / Anna Holm Pogue. Boston, MA: Bruce Humphries, 1946. 58 p.

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See: "The lament of a lonesome cowboy," p.14.

* Porter, Cora Case. Irving Trail and other poems / Cora Case Porter. With a foreword by Grant Foreman. Muskogee, OK: Cora Case Porter, 1946. [71 p.] Dj Signed

Baird’s Long Horn Loaf, matchbook 1940s

"Baird’s Long Horn Loaf."

n.p.: [Baird’s Sunbeam Bread], 196- (Unileg ? Match Co, Los Angeles). Matchbook.

* Porter, Rufus (The Hard Rock Poet). Ballads of a bootlegger and other nonsense / Rufus Porter. [np] : R.L. Porter, 1931. 58 p.

See "The singing hobo" p.34-35; "The wind hog of Laramie Flats" p.40-43.

* Porter, Rufus L. The fiddler from Wilson Creek and other western ballards / Rufus Porter. [Colorado]: Rufus L. Porter, 1954. “The Hard Rock Poet.” Signed; includes poem insert “Ballad of two loves.”

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Kit Carson's: San Francisco's finest beefsteak grill, matchbook 1940s

"Kit Carson's: San Francisco's finest beefsteak grill."

"Kit Carson discovered the West, now, the West discovers Kit Carson's."
San Francisco, CA: Kit Carson's; New York: Diamond Match Co., 194-. Matchbook.

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See reprint of "The southwestern cowboy songs."

The Pueblo, Lorain, Ohio, matchbook 1940s "The Pueblo: dine, dance."

Lorain, OH: The Pueblo; New York: Diamond Match Co., 194-. Matchbook.
"Routes 2 and 6, 2 miles west of Lorain, Ohio."

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See ch. 6, "Personal landscapes" which mentions Mary Austin, Peggy Pond Church, etc.

Paradise Valley Dude Ranch, Albuquerque, matchbook 1940s "Paradise Valley Dude Ranch."

[Carnuel, NM]: Paradise Valley Dude Ranch; St. Louis: Universal Match Co., 194-. Matchbook.
"Hiway 66, 10 miles east of Albuquerque."

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Sprague's Lodge, Rocky Mountain National Park, matchbook 1940s

"Sprague's Lodge, Rocky Mountain National Park."

Estes Park, CO: Sprague's Lodge / Steads Ranch; Denver: Lion Match Co., 194-. Matchbook.

   Price, Steven D. Take me home: the rise of country and western music / Steven D. Price. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1974. 184 p. Ill. Discography p.169-176.

Little content; biographies ofRoy Acuff, Gene Autry, Jimmie Davis, Tex Ritter, Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams.

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Hotel El Tovar, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, matchbook 1940s

"Hotel El Tovar, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona."

[Kansas City, MO]: Fred Harvey; New York: Diamond Match Co., 194-. Matchbook.

   Put's golden songster. San Francisco, CA: D. Appleton and Co., 1858.

See "Sweet Betsey from Pike" p.50-52. Put is John A. Stone.

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