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Poetry: Babb - Bluestein
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Titles: Babb - Bluestein

* Indicates from the collection of Alan V. Miller

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 California Limited, 31st season, 1925-

"The California Limited."

31st season, 1925-26
Eastern Edition
[Chicago, IL]: Santa Fe Railway System, 1925

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Summer Outings to Colorado 1938

"Summer Outings to Colorado and Yellowstone 1938."

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Mileage chart, Fred Harvey, c1939.

"Mileage chart."

Red figures indicate distances between cities.
I am at the Fred Harvey Hotel marked X

S.l.: Fred Harvey, [c1939] 9A-H1216/H-4479

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Boulder Dam - Union Pacific 1938

"Boulder Dam - Union Pacific."

Chicago, IL: Union Pacific Railroad,

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Yellowstone and Grand Teton N.P.

"Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks."

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Grand Canyon Outings.

"This year visit Idaho."

Chicago, IL: Idaho State Dept. of Commerce and Development, [1958].

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C.E.S. Wood (1852-1944) was a lawyer, turned poet, who lived in Portland, Oregon and then moved to a retreat just to the south of San Francisco. Most of his poetry was self published. Included in this book are excerpts from "The poet in the desert," p.227-251, and "Poems from the ranges," p.300-303.

Grand Canyon Outings.

"Grand Canyon Outings."

Chicago, IL: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co., 1925

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Mileage chart, Fred Harvey, 1911.

"From the Great Lakes to the Pacific Coast
And the Gulf of Mexico along the Santa Fe."

Red circles indicate Santa Fe hotels,
Dining and lunch rooms
Under management of Fred Harvey

S.l.: Fred Harvey, 1911

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The Indian detour and optional side trips, Fred Harvey postcard, 1927.

"The Indian detour and optional side trips."

Detroit, MI: Detroit Publishing Co.; Fred Harvey, [c1927]. 81776

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